Coronavirus: basic precautionary measures / no quarantine at charge of the Employees!

ALEBA calls on all of its Staff Representatives, and especially the Safety and Health Representatives, to ensure that their employer takes responsibility for dealing with the worrying situation of the Coronavirus epidemic.

While the situation has not yet been clarified, ALEBA, contacted by Staff Delegates from the financial sector, recalls the need for each company to have clear processes aimed first of all to protect the health of employees, but also business continuity.

This means that clear hygiene processes must be disseminated, and that anti-spread material (such as masks, disinfectant gel, etc.) must be made widely available, in order to protect the health of employees, and limit the spread of the disease.

It also means that decisions must have been taken regarding the promotion of alternative working methods, such as working from home for example.

If the presence in certain regions of the globe can lead, always according to the precautionary principle, to a “quarantine” of the employee, at his home, imposed by his employer or by the official health services, ALEBA recalls that under no circumstances this quarantine should be taken on the statutory annual leave!

ALEBA has been informed that a credit institution in the Financial Sector requires its employees who have travelled across high-risk regions to stay at home for at least 14 to 24 days, and that these days should be taken on their annual statutory holidays!

This is completely unacceptable! Employers who want to impose a quarantine to their employees must grant an extraordinary leave, or a work exemption, for the whole period concerned.

With regard to the Coronavirus epidemic, the ALEBA teams are available to all Delegates, at the number 223 228 306 or via the following email address


Press release, February 25th, 2020.