Collective agreements for banks and insurance companies: clarification from ALEBA

In the context of the OGBL and LCGB’s communications of 19 November, ALEBA wishes to recall that it has neither entered into negotiations nor signed any agreement to extend existing Collective Agreements with the ABBL or the ACA.

Only a principle agreement has been identified, after an exchange of ideas. Among other things, this agreement aims to guarantee the maintenance of the gains made, particularly in terms of double notice periods, a 13th month, a loyalty/ June bonus, annual leave and rest days, extraordinary leave and access to enhanced training, in addition to maintaining the principles of remuneration, or a three-year guarantee on the insurance side, for example. The 26th day of leave for employees over-50 would also finally be granted to all. In a complicated situation linked to the health crisis, with no clear perspective on economic or social developments at the financial sector’s level, it seems obvious and logical that the ALEBA, as a trade union with sectoral representativeness, should have this dialogue with the employers’ associations ABBL and ACA, with the aim of securing all employees of banks and insurance companies. ALEBA immediately informed the national trade unions, proposing an initial consultation meeting, without obtaining a response. After the ABBL’s denunciation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Banks, a second invitation was sent to the national unions, also without any response to date. It is therefore false to say that the ALEBA wants to go it alone, in a media unpacking that can only harm the interests of the employees in the sector. The ALEBA is staying on course: defending its ideas and the future Employee of bank and insurance companies, through quality collective agreements, and following the legal negotiation processes that includes all the trade unions signatory to the collective agreements and the employers’ organisations around the table.