ALEBA’s position on company CovidCheck, double taxation of French border workers and social leave

New law on CovidCheck:

ALEBA is concerned about the risk on employment in case the new measures will be voted very soon by the parliament.

The choice of whether or not be vaccinated cannot be a threat or a source of pressure on employment.

Not to mention a real risk of violation of medical secrecy, respect for privacy, and resulting discrimination.

ALEBA calls for the respect of the law, but will make sure that the universal rights of everyone are respected.

The new law will therefore be analyzed by specialized lawyers, so that  ALEBA can support its staff delegations for a fair and sound interpretation, in order to prevent any deviance in companies.


Social Leave:

Through a working group initiated by ALEBA in the summer beginning of 2021, the primary Union of the financial center shared its vision of the definition of Social Leave with ABBL.

After two very constructive meetings, an ALEBA recommendation text emerged in September, not sharing some positions of ABBL. ALEBA proposes to support its delegations and to draw inspiration from the best social practices of the financial center to negotiate and sign a “Social Leave” agreement for banks before the end of December 2021, and for insurance companies before the summer of 2022.

Let’s recall that it is at the initiative of ALEBA during the negotiations of the Collective Agreements, that this obligation of result for a given date was born.


French border workers, double taxation:

ALEBA is concerned about the situation of French cross-border workers and has mandated experts in tax law to analyze the Franco-Luxembourg convention with regard to the income tax of cross-border workers resident in France.

In addition to questioning the governments, if double taxation proves to be real, ALEBA will do its utmost to support its members who feel aggrieved.


Pressrelease of October 11, 2021.