Major changes in the new Bank CLA 2021-2023

On the financial level:

– The agreement in principle discussed in November, on the basis of which the ALEBA could consider signing, has been reached, only a different distribution will apply in relation to salary increases.

More specifically, the 1% increase obtained by the ALEBA in November for each of the years 2022 and 2023 has evolved on the proposal of the ALEBA during a meeting on March 31, 2021 with the ABBL. As a result, ALEBA suggested a linear distribution of the 1% increase for all employees.

This idea has matured further and finally reached, by mutual agreement with the social partners, the following distribution:

-> In 2021, 2022 and 2023, 1% increase for employees falling within the eight-year cycle of presumed competence acquisition

-> In 2022 and 2023, 1% salary increase for ALL employees distributed as follows:

  • for 2022, apart from employees falling within the eight-year cycle, a general and linear salary increase of 0.7% will be granted to all employees falling within the scope of the CLA as a reward for the Covid crisis, and 0.3% discretionary redistributed to all.
  • for 2023, apart from employees falling within the eight-year cycle, a general and linear salary increase of 0.5% will be granted to all employees falling within the scope of the CLA as a reward for the Covid crisis, and 0.5% discretionary redistributed to all.

– A minimum increase of 15 EUR ind.100 when changing groups, a demand submitted exclusively by ALEBA.

– The maintenance for employees who join the financial sector of a presumption of acquisition of competences during the first 8 years of minimum 1% per year up to the threshold per group. (Clarification and ALEBA demand).

– The amount of the duty at work, which is compensated by a daily financial package, will finally be indexed thanks to a proposal made and defended by ALEBA.

– A minimum monthly financial support for Telework when the employee has obtained the possibility to telework on a regular basis in order to compensate for the costs involved, an amount obtained in a negotiation led by ALEBA. -> 3 EUR (ind.100) minimum monthly (= +-25 EUR/month)


– The fact that the new CLA will be perpetuated for the next 3 years in order to allow an exit from the health crisis.

– The clarification of the conditions of the field of application allowing to better determine, for example, the employees in situation of false framework (fight won by ALEBA having led to two jurisprudences in 2020)

Guaranteed access to the right to training with an increase in the rights of the Staff Delegation in its access to information concerning the management of training and the budget provided. This point was raised by ALEBA in view of the deviations that it has unfortunately observed in the field. And addition of a deadline by ALEBA to provide this information to the Staff Delegation.

Clarification of function group D in order to avoid the risk of classification outside the agreement.

– A framework for disciplinary measures to be negotiated by the Delegations in the companies through an internally negotiated agreement. ALEBA wished to strongly support this proposal which it found more than necessary, in the light of real experience in the field.

– An increase of the rights of the Staff Delegation by increasing its right to information, ALEBA insisting on the detail of the weighting of the functions and on the fact that the whole Staff Delegation must be at the heart of the information.

– An adaptation of the provisions of the time saving account (CET) to the new legal provisions.

– The rewriting of the article on annual recreation leave (currently 26 days) to which age-related leave is added in a clear and precise manner,

– ALEBA also obtained 1 day of age-related leave instead of 1/2 day for the 45+.

– ALEBA also insisted on the need to extend the powers of the Joint Committee by meeting more regularly in order to bring the CLA to life during these 3 years, successively improving it according to the needs of the sector if necessary.

– The number of members of this commission will be increased to a maximum of 9 according to the agenda.

At the social level:

– Putting forward the right to disconnection.

– The right to a minimum of 5 days social leave per year; ALEBA has obtained that the discussion on the modalities of this social leave will be agreed in co-decision between employers and Staff Delegations before the end of 2021.

– The commitment to negotiate an agreement within each company aiming at better reconciling family life and the professional life of employees, among others the proposal of ALEBA to work on a right to part-time work…

– The commitment to the implementation of structured measures aimed at the prevention of psychosocial risks and the concretization of this prevention at the level of the Joint Committee thanks to a demand of ALEBA.