Major changes in the new Insurance CLA 2021-2023

The agreement in principle discussed with ALEBA in November 2020, setting the minimums from which ALEBA could consider signing, were all achieved with the following form and redistribution despite the health crisis and its consequences:

All the gains of the previous agreement have been renewed (linear increases to 67% of employees with a guarantee of 100% after 3 years, 13th month, June bonus, double notice in case of economic dismissal, etc…).

It is important to underline that this financial component was carried by ALEBA and its representatives around the negotiating table. They worked with efficiency and determination for the employees of the financial sector from which they come, as this is one of their greatest strengths.

Additional financial improvements:

– Obtaining the payment of a “Covid” bonus of 500 Eur (gross amount) payable in September 2021 rather than 300 EUR gross per year (900 EUR in total)

– The remainder of the sum provided for is redistributed in the three-year increases as follows:

Obtaining a guarantee of advancement: between the starting salary and threshold 1 an increase in basic salary of 18 EUR (index 100) over a period of 3 years instead of 15 EUR is provided. The same applies from threshold 1 to threshold 2 with an increase in basic salary of EUR 12 (index 100) over a period of 3 years.

– The amount of the June bonus/concern bonus is for 2021, 2022, and 2023 identical. This is actually the bonus paid in 2020 (2020 bonus = 116.7% of 2017 bonus)

– The adaptation of the thresholds as a result of the advancement guarantees.

On the qualitative side:

All the gains of the previous agreement obtained by ALEBA in the November 2020 tentative agreement have been renewed (rest and age-related leave days, 26th day, etc…)

– The text proposed by ALEBA specifying any amount of recreation leave has been redefined with a true definition of age-related leave:

  • 1 more day of leave for employees between the ages of 50 and 54
  • 2 additional days off for employees > 55 years old

– An adaptation of the provisions of the time savings account (CET) following the new legal provisions.

– The complete integration of the Interprofessional Agreement of October 20, 2020 relating to the legal regime of Telework in the present agreement.

A framework for disciplinary measures to be negotiated by the Delegations in the companies by means of an internally negotiated convention, ALEBA wished to strongly support this proposal which it found more than necessary, in the light of real experience in the field.

– A review of the Joint Committee’s extensive powers. ALEBA insisted on the need to set up the Joint Committee on a more regular basis in order to keep the CCT alive during these 3 years, improving it successively according to the needs of the sector if necessary.

– An increase in the rights of the Staff Delegation by increasing its right to information.

– Concerning economic dismissals, the interpretation of law 414-9 is specified: the Staff Delegation will have co-decision on the general selection criteria for any economic dismissal. In addition, in the context of job preservation measures, a plan to maintain employment must be implemented as a priority in order to limit the impact of economic dismissals.

– ALEBA has obtained a clarification to negotiate with the Staff Delegations a framework for workers obliged to work their 8 hours in a shift.

Guaranteed access to the right to training with an increase in the rights of the Staff Delegation in its access to information concerning the management of training and the budget provided. This point was raised by ALEBA in view of the deviations that it has unfortunately observed in the field. And the addition of a deadline by ALEBA to provide this information to the Staff Delegation.

– The commitment of the employers to carry out an analysis of the functions on a regular basis in order to verify whether the existing functions of the present Convention still correspond to the realities of the field and the needs of the sector. ALEBA has obtained the mapping of the current functions.

On the social side:

– Putting forward the right to disconnection as in accordance and explicitly described by the CES.

– The commitment to negotiate an agreement within each company aiming at better reconciling the family life and the professional life of the employees, among others the proposal of ALEBA to work on a right to part-time work.

– The right to a social leave of minimum 5 days per year; ALEBA obtained that the discussion on the modalities of this social leave, will be to agree in co-decision between employers and staff delegations before the end of 2021.