Change at the head of the ALEBA

Laurent Mertz,  Secretary General, member of the Executive Committee and member of the Board of Directors, announced on March 18th, 2021 his decision to leave the mandates he has held since 2013.

«After a thought process that started several months ago, I am making this choice in complete serenity, for personal and family reasons, but also to be able to concentrate even more on my mandate at the Committee of the Chambre des Salariés Luxembourg (, where I will continue to represent ALEBA and to defend its sensitivity, its constructiveness and its political independence’s values»  

The team will be reorganized around Roberto, in order to continue the fight that has been initiated on important challenges for the ALEBA, such as representativity and discrimination, but also and above all to continue defending and securing the rights and interests of our members and employees in the financial sector. Roberto has my full confidence to succeed in these challenges, in addition to my friendship.

The Board, the Executive Committee and the Staff of ALEBA thank Laurent for his exceptional investment during the last eight years to support, defend and develop ALEBA.