CEDIES: submit your scholarship application before the deadline, even if your file is incomplete!

Many children of cross-border parents have been denied financial assistance for CEDIES scholarships for failing to meet the application deadline.

Often students/parents wait until they have all the documents required by the Ministry before sending their application. However, this is absolutely to be avoided as CEDIES does not tolerate exceeding the deadline. More info on the deadline: here.

ALEBA therefore advises you to submit your file, even if incomplete, before the deadline rather than waiting to have all the documents. Indeed, it is better to complete the file as you go (wait until you have a file number before sending additional documents) than to submit the request too late.

If among the documents to be given to CEDIES are documents that you must receive by a foreign administration, ALEBA suggests that you re-launch this administration by registered letter or email so that you can justify to CEDIES that you have undertaken every possible measure so that the file is as complete as possible.

In the event that you should receive a refusal from CEDIES on the grounds that your file was not complete and that in the meantime you have completed it, please send the entire file to ALEBA who will advise you on the steps to follow.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the legal department by sending an email to legal@aleba.lu