CLA for Bank Employees: negotiations continue

At a meeting on 1 March between the ALEBA, OGBL-SBA and LCGB-SESF joint union body and ABBL regarding the renewal of the Collective Labour Agreement for Bank Employees, ABBL put forward several new ideas and agreed to contact the unions to provide further details in the days that followed.

A comprehensive summary of its proposals was eventually provided by ABBL on Thursday 15 March. These matters, which primarily related to the subject of “Classification & Remuneration”, then served as the basis for a constructive discussion at the meeting held on 16 March between the ALEBA, OGBL-SBA and LCGB-SESF joint union body and ABBL.

ALEBA, OGBL-SBA and LCGB-SESF held an inter-union meeting on Tuesday 20 March to thoroughly examine the solutions and alternatives put forward by ABBL regarding a series of sticking points. While there appears to be common ground on certain points (new groups of roles, for example), the unions will provide ABBL with a number of genuine, balanced counterproposals regarding the other points before the end of the week.

The next negotiation meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday 29 March at 09:00. To continue to foster cordial relations between the parties, the ALEBA, OGBL-SBA and LCGB-SESF joint union body yesterday refrained from issuing any further comments at this stage on the content of the negotiations and details of the items under discussion, until the next plenary meeting with the ABBL.


Issued by the ALEBA, OGBL-SBA and LCGB-SESF unions

Luxembourg, 21 March 2018