Carla Valente: “As a legal advisor, it is important that I can be counted on”

Carla Valente is a lawyer at ALEBA since 2016.

Today, it is the turn of Carla Valente, legal advisor, to introduce herself and talk about her job she is performing at ALEBA for a little bit more than five years.

Of course you know her. If you have not met her during the negotiations of a social plan or as a trainer at the CSL, then you have already spoken to her on the phone or by e-mail. Like Elif Ozkok et Matthias Lindauer, Carla Valente works in the legal department of ALEBA.

Before joining ALEBA in 2016, she worked for almost three years  as a legal advisor in a legal protection insurance company. At the latter, she dealt with legal claims involving different branches of law (labour, consumer, lease, civil liability, etc.).  When the opportunity to join the leading trade union in the financial area arose, she seized it without hesitation.

“With my calm, measured attitude and patience, I try to give members, running through a difficult period, like a job redundancy, the support they need to regain their self-confidence.”, she says.

What does she like most about her job? “The fact that I know how to reassure people and that I can make things happen,” she says. “In my job, it’s important that people can rely on me”. When asked what advantages ALEBA brings her, she replies: “the privilege working in full autonomy and getting recognition and self-confidence. We are constantly gaining new experiences”. The fact that she can use foreign languages (French, English, German) in her daily work is an additional advantage. “It allows easy contact with all members”.

Carla’s expertise is used on another main pillar: negotiating social plans. In this sensitive and very difficult  exercise, our colleague uses her experience, her sense of diplomacy and her ability to listen. She particularly enjoys the contact with delegates and employees. According to her, the aim of the negotiations is to “reassure the concerned people , maintain social peace within the company and try obtaining the best possible result for the affected employees“.

She is very sporty and enjoys hiking, running, mountain biking and playing badminton. In addition to spending time with her family, she enjoys travelling, seeing and entertaining friends and going out to restaurants.