Notice to our members: increase of membership fees

Dear members,

On 14th June, the Delegates Assembly decided to increase monthly fees. These have been set at 11.95 euros per month from 1st July 2016. Despite this increase, ALEBA remains the politically neutral and independent union with the cheapest fees in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

To remind you, the last increase was in July 2009, but the creation of new member services, increased general costs, and the run-in to the 2018 social elections requires ALEBA’s financial means to be strengthened to maintain our status as the premier Luxembourg financial sector union. Our objective remains to continue to offer our members and delegates excellent services and training.

For any question or supplementary information contact us by email or by telephone (+352) 223 228 306. I, and the rest of the Executive Committee, are also personally available ( or (+352) 4797-2744).

Thanks for your understanding.

Laurent Mertz, General Secretary