ALEBA believes in youth

ALEBA is aware that it needs to make the argument in favour of trade unions and union membership to a new generation of employees. Often we see too many young people only feeling motivated to join a union after problems at work have emerged, and events have taken an unwelcome course and become entrenched.

To challenge these received opinions, ALEBA has created ALEBA YOUTH.

We believe that our union must be seen as a true partner, going beyond the basic role of representing members when they have problems with their employer. Thus we work with and advise our members from the first to the last day of their careers, building strong relationships. This solidarity is needed in these uncertain times when everyone is at risk of redundancy.

Straight away, ALEBA YOUTH will give younger people the tools they need when starting out. Over the longer term, once they become settled, we will encourage them to become full members, enabling them to continue to benefit from ALEBA’s services and offers.

Two youth packages with many advantages

We have offers designed to appeal to the needs of two distinct groups of young people: YOUTH – Student and YOUTH – Junior. These packages are free of charge, so there is nothing to lose by getting involved.