ALEBA: sad day for trade unions’ freedom in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

The ALEBA was informed on Friday, March 5th of the decision of Minister of Labour Dan Kersch to withdraw its sectoral representativeness upon request (November 2020) of the Ogbl and the Lcgb, concerning facts that have been known for almost two years now, i.e. the alleged non-representativeness of the ALEBA.

Obviously, as as already done in the past, the ALEBA is already taking steps at national and international level to have this legitimate representativeness recognized and restored. Indeed, the only question is whether, on the basis of a discriminatory law, the only national unions – with only 26% of the votes in companies – can claim to represent all employees in the financial sector or exclude the leading union in the financial center. The ALEBA also points out that it has four out of eight seats in the group representing the financial sector in the Luxembourg Chamber of Employees.

Source : ITM

ALEBA, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2018, is a strong organization, with almost 10,000 members, politically and financially independent. Its action is exclusively oriented towards the defence of the rights and interests of employees in the financial sector. The decision of the Minister of Labour, at the very least surprising, has no impact on ALEBA’s ability to continue to defend its individual members and employees in the sector, to continue its trade union work in companies through its 700 delegates and to continue to negotiate social plans or Collective Bargaining Agreements to which it is a signatory.

National unions have in recent years alternately invited  ALEBA to join them.  ALEBA has always declined, believing that its independence was the best guarantee of good union work for employees in the sector. Everyone will  appreciate the political maneuvering of the Ogbl and the Lcgb, which has no other objective than to monopolize this important sector of activity in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, where they are not in majority.

It is a sad day for trade unions’ freedom in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.