Aleba Info #14 May-June

The May-June 2017 edition of ALEBA Info (#14) is out now, available in French (2017 05-06 AI14 FR), German (2017 05-06 AI14 DE) and English (2017 05-06 AI14 EN).


– Page 1: Editorial by Roberto Scolati | Signature of the bank CBA 2017!

– Page 2: Editorial team | Employees of Insurance sector: Contribute to your future!

– Page 3: Legal Department | Rightly or wrongly classified senior executive? It is time to define the RIGHT situation!

–  Page 4: Latest news | Stroossemaart 2017, Conference offered to KBL members

The article about senior executives as well as the wrongly classified senior executives is the response to a large amount of questions which the legal department of ALEBA receives on a daily basis. To inform ALL the employees of the financial sector about this, we kindly ask you, and specially the fulltime delegates, to organize an internal distribution within the company. The ALEBA-Teams stay at your disposal, either with the supply of the printed newsletter, or with the distribution of it. Do not hesitate to contact us!

 We hope you find this interesting and informative.