ALEBA hosts webinars on teleworking

ALEBA invites its delegates to webinars on teleworking*

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You were so many to ask us for help and support to negotiate a Telework policy after the COVID19-pandemic. And there we are!

Carla VALENTE, Legal Advisor at ALEBA, and Roel SPRENGER, staff Delegate at Clearstream and Member of the ALEBA’s Board of Directors, will present you the Telework Convention 2020 and our proposal and recommendations to implement an internal policy. 

We offer you three webinars in three languages:

  • in FRENCH, Wednesday, May 26th, from 12:15-13:45
  • in GERMAN, Thursday, June 10th, from 12:15-13:45
  • in ENGLISH, Wednesday, June 16th, from 12:15-13:45

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*Webinars exclusively reserved for Staff Representatives