ALEBA now has more than 10,000 members and is by far the largest trade union in the Luxembourg financial centre.  Our members are residents of Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Germany. Everyone comes with their questions and needs and Aleba has set up a commission that will try to provide answers. This committee will also act as a relay to the politicians in each country in order to move projects forward and request changes to laws.


Telework: what will change on 1 july 2022 ?

We explain everything!

The obligation to telework disappears from 1 July, but telework is not totally over!

The agreement of 20 October 2020 on telework defines two types of telework:

  • Occasional telework (when it is done to cope with unforeseen events; or when telework represents less than 10% on average of the teleworker’s normal annual working time).
  • Regular telework (any telework situation which is not occasional telework.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I EXCEED THESE QUOTAS? The social security issue

The worker who does more than 25% of his activity from home will have to join the social security system of his country of residence, which represents a cost for the employer and the employee.


Can my employer force me to telework?

No, an employee’s refusal of an employer’s offer to telework is not in itself grounds for termination of the employment contract. The employee and the employer are free to choose the telework arrangement.
To find out more about the telework regime in your country of residence, contact us: [email protected]