Actions of solidarity to help flood disaster victims

In the context of recent natural disasters that impacted the Greater Region, ALEBA would like to raise awareness to the Staff Delegations and all employees about the importance of solidarity to support people who have been impacted by such events. Every little action or support is important.

What can be done at your level?

Below, two concrete examples of solidarity actions started by individual initiatives of our delegates. The first one is led by Michel-François Renette and the second one is led by staff members of Hauck & Aufhäuser.

Michel-François Renette, Staff Delegate: “Solidarity is key in such hard times”

Michel-Francois Renette organized food, material and clothes collects in the first hours after the floods in order to redistribute for both Echternach city in Luxembourg and Verviers-Liège regions in Belgium.

Over 3 days, many families have been provided with the minimum survival necessary.

Above all, it brought mental support and human warmth to impacted people: they were not left alone in such difficult moments.

“Solidarity is key in such hard times, and I warmly thank everyone who helped and those who will help us.The reconstruction is titanic and it will take time to return to a normal life. Our effort to help impacted families continues and any further help is welcome.”

 Employees at Hauck & Aufhäuser: “We deliberately didn’t want to collect things but purchase them directly and deliver them to those affected.”

 Immediately after the disaster hit, the Hauck & Aufhäuser Group, headquartered in Frankfurt, made a large donation to the central nationwide flood relief in Germany.

 “We took naturally this with our 3 companies here in Munsbach as a duty to form an internal crisis team in a quickly formed working group consisting of members of the staff delegation, HR and IT on 07/19/21, with the aim of providing quick direct help to affected colleagues from our company, but also for their families, acquaintances and friends.

 This gave rise to the idea that we should start a donation campaign with immediate effect, with which we want to help those directly affected by purchasing items that have been lost but are urgently needed in this situation. This should include electrical appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, etc. in particular. We deliberately didn’t want to collect things, but to purchase them directly and deliver them to those affected. After consulting with those responsible in the affected areas, they expressly welcomed the idea.

 We collected donations through:

  • a PayPal money pool (around 20,000 euros collected);
  • the return of unneeded Chèques-Repas at HR, which we return to Sodexo. Sodexo has confirmed to us that it will reimburse the checks as a cash balance and then make them available to the organization team for the purchase of equipment (chèques collected for approx. 15,000 euros);
  • Cash donations (approx. 1,000 euros);

In total, more than 55,000 euros of donations could be collected at the company location in Munsbach.

 The focus of our operations were the areas around Kordel, Ehrang, Ralingen, Wintersdorf, Langsur etc.

Just one week after the start of the campaign, around 100 household appliances were delivered directly to those affected by us, employees.

 Most of the victims were approached directly through employees of Hauck & Aufhäuser and reported to us.

We would like to thank our fantastic workforce for the great support, but also for the support of those responsible at H&A.”

 We invite you to create, participate and support any initiative of this type. If you too are initiating disaster relief actions, we suggest that we relay your initiative on our website.