What is UNI Global Union?

UNI Global Union is an international union based in Switzerland. It was founded on 1 January 2000 by members of the Internationale des Communications, the FIET (white collar and services union federation), the Fédération Graphique Internationale and the Internationale des Médias et du Spectacle (MEI).

It has more than 20 million members across its 900 member unions, and represents workers in 150 countries worldwide. It speaks for employees in a variety of business sectors (finance, retail, maintenance and security, temporary work, tourism, etc.). It is organised on a regional level (UNI Europa, Africa, etc.), by sector (retail, finance, etc.) and in groups (equal opportunities, youth, etc.).

Its role is to develop and strengthen the affiliated unions as well as UNI Global Union, to improve workers’ working conditions and standards of living. UNI Global Union fights for jobs with social security and justice for all in order to improve conditions in the workplace and employment conditions.

ALEBA has been a member of UNI Global Union for several years, and is represented at UNI Europa, UNI Finance, UNI Equal Opportunities and UNI Youth.

More about UNI Global Union : http://www.uniglobalunion.org/en.