Introducing the Healthcare Plan

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The ALEBA Healthcare Plan was established on 20 October 1928, ten years after the union was founded (its original name was “Sterbekasse des Luxemburger Bankbeamtenvereins”).

The articles of association were approved by the competent ministry under the name Caisse de décès de l’Association des employés de Banque on 11 July 1929. Shortly thereafter, it became a member of the Fédération Nationale des Sociétés Luxembourgeoises de secours mutuels, which was founded on 6 July 1924 and is now the Fédération Nationale de la Mutualité Luxembourgeoise (FNML).

In 1964, in line with changes in the insurance sector, it was renamed the “Caisse de Décès de l’Association Luxembourgeoise des Employés de Banques et d’Assurances”. After ALEBA broke away from the Fédération des Employés Privés (FEP) in 1979, the Healthcare Plan, under the chairmanship of Eugène Storck, was renamed the “ALEBA Healthcare Plan”. In 1994, ALEBA’s new chairman Marc Glesener handed over the reins to Pierre Back, former secretary general of ALEBA.

Lastly, in 2001, on the instruction of the Conseil Supérieur de la Mutualité, the management of the union and the Healthcare Plan was separated.

Under the chairmanship of Pierre Back, the Healthcare Plan celebrated in 2018 its 90th year as a Luxembourg healthcare insurer.

The articles currently in force are available here. A draft of the new statutes will be presented to the General Assembly on September 18, 2020. You can consult them here.


The ALEBA Healthcare Plan is intended to provide its members the following benefits:

–Financial assistance in the event of illness, accident, hospitalization or dental-treatment, this in accordance with the settlement of the social fund.

–A flat-rate payment to legal heirs in the event of a member’s death:

  • 200 Euro after 1 year of membership
  • 250 Euro after 10 years of membership
  • 300 Euro after 20 years of membership
  • 350 Euro after 30 years of membership
  • 400 Euro after 40 years of membership

–The option of joining the Caisse Médico-Complémentaire Mutualiste collective scheme, as well as the individual PrestaPlus, DentaPlus and OptiPlus schemes.

(Healthcare Plan Compensation request/ Healthcare Plan Social Fund regulations )


  • The Mutuelle is affiliated to the Fédération Nationale de la Mutualité Luxembourgeoise

At the Ordinary General Meeting of the Fédération Nationale de la Mutualité Luxembourgeoise on 6 May 2017, the representatives of the FNML’s 48 mutual assistance member companies confirmed Pierre Back as vice-chairman and Alain Back as statutory auditor.

  • Caisse Médico Complémentaire Mutualiste (CMCM)

At the Complementary Mutual Health Fund Caisse Médico Complémentaire Mutualiste (CMCM) conference on 4th June 2016 in Bettembourg, Fernand Fischer was re-elected to the board of directors. He was then elected vice president of the CMCM at the subsequent board meeting.

  • Union des Caisses de Décès Mutualistes du Centre Luxembourg)

Here too, Pierre Back, represents the ALEBA Healthcare Plan in his role as secretary-treasurer.

These appointments are the confirmation of the commitment of our representatives to the mutual assistance cause. They also demonstrate the high level of esteem in which ALEBA is held by all mutual assistance companies.

Management Committee

Since May 14th, 2019, the ALEBA Healthcare Plan Committee comprises:

Chairman Gilbert Beffort
Vice-Chairmen Nico Diedenhofen and Alain Back
Secretary Arsène Kihm
Treasurer Christian Hoeltgen
Members Pierre Back, Denise Berens, Fernand Fischer

Important: The contribution to the ALEBA Healthcare Plan is included in the union subscription.


General Meetings

The 2019 General Meeting of the ALEBA Healthcare Plan was held in Munsbach on Friday 10 May 2019. Here is the report of the GM.


The 2018 General Meeting of the ALEBA Healthcare Plan was held in Munsbach on Friday 27 April 2018. At a well-attended meeting, the Healthcare Plan’s Committee presented its report on the 2017 financial year to the members present, describing its activity and the numerous initiatives carried out during the year. Here is the report of the GM.


The 2017 General Meeting of the ALEBA Healthcare Plan was held at the Légère Premium Hotel in Munsbach on Friday 7 April 2017. Here is a summary of the GM.


Latest news

Dates for the diary: 2018 ALEBA Centenary (1918)

2018 Jubilee general meeting to mark the 90th anniversary of the Healthcare Plan (1928)

2019 95th anniversary of the FNML (1924)


Jean-Claude HINGER honored

In tribute to his dedication to the mutualist cause, the Medal of Mutualist Recognition – Class of 2015 was awarded to him by President Pierre Back, representing the National Federation of the Luxembourg Mutuality.

Remise de la Médaille de la Reconnaissance Mutualiste