ALEBA has four working groups or “Committees”, each responsible for a specific area.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee ensures that ALEBA’s financial resources, which are derived solely from the contributions paid by the 10,000 members that support our organisation, are properly managed. It ensures that ALEBA manages its assets efficiently and has all the operating resources it requires.

Cross-border Workers’ Committee

In October 2014, ALEBA set up a new committee for dealing with matters pertaining specifically to cross-border workers, Luxembourg currently has 183,548 cross-border workers, who make up more than 45% of the country’s workforce.

This committee currently comprises Roberto Mendolia (member of the Executive Committee) and is managed by Patrice Collin, member of the Executive Committee. Its goal is to provide services and accurate documentation aimed specifically at the problems encountered by cross-border employees.

It is mainly concerned with the future of bilateral agreements between Luxembourg’s neighbouring countries, the declaration of income, the taxation of assignments abroad and teleworking (a major issue in view of the new rules on the exchange of information), voluntary or compulsory retirement or amendments to laws with a direct impact on cross-border workers.

Sessions on specific topics with the participation of experts are also being organised. In addition, documentation specifically aimed at cross-border workers will soon be available here.

Please contact Patrice Collin if you have any questions relating to your cross-border status, preferably by email to [email protected], or by phone on 47 93 11 259 or 47 93 11 3705.

“Associated Sector” Committee

In view of developments in the financial sector, especially in the fund management and advisory industries, and given the emergence of new financial service providers, ALEBA is considering, through its new “Associated Sector” Committee, how it can support the employees of firms operating in areas “associated” with the financial sector, who do not enjoy the same working conditions as their colleagues at banks and insurance companies.

This committee is chaired by Roberto Mendolia, a member of the Executive Committee (contact details can be found on the “Executive Committee” page).

Communications Committee

ALEBA’s Communications Committee handles all of the organisation’s external relations with the public and press, and of course, with our members, as well as providing support for all our employee representatives by equipping them to represent ALEBA effectively at their companies.

It was the Communications Committee that was responsible, in January 2015, for the online publication of ALEBA Info using a new template and, in March 2015, for the refreshed ALEBA logo, the new slogan “Preserving your future”, and the new website.

This committee is chaired by Laurent Mertz, a member of the ALEBA Executive Committee and the organisation’s Communications Officer (contact details can be found on the “Executive Committee” page).