logo amicaleALEBA’s Retired Members Association or Amicale was founded on 23 May 1978. At the founding General Meeting, the members adopted the Amicale’s articles of association containing 32 articles. (PDF of the current statutes)

The Amicale is run a by a 10-person committee, including a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer and members of the association.

The object of the Amicale is:

  • To maintain links between the members and their working colleagues
  • To protect its members’ welfare
  • To provide its members with honorary membership of the ALEBA Healthcare Plan

The Amicale currently has 1,150 members. The yearly subscription amounts only 12 €.

The committee members meet six times each year to organise three excursions, either in Luxembourg or abroad, as well as participation in ALEBA’s activities.  In addition, the committee invites its members to the General Meeting, which is always held during the first half of each year.

Cancellation of the General Assemblies of the Amicale scheduled for November 20, 2020.

To view the Committee’s letter, click here.

The Amicale handed over a check for 3.000,- euro to ALEBA

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of ALEBA, the committee of the Amicale have remitted on the 4th of June a check of 3.000,- euros to Roberto Scolati and this in the presence of some members of the executive committee.

Trips and events in 2018

  • 18th January: ALEBA’s New Year Reception
  • 23th April: Conference “Inheritance in accordance with the Luxembourg law” presented by Notaire Me Tholl at the Hôtel Légère in Munsbach
  • 26th April: ALEBA’s General Meeting
  • 5th June: ALEBA’s 100 Years Ceremony at the Cercle Cité
  • 7th June: Visit of the CNA in Dudelange followed by the General Meeting at the restaurant “Casino” in Dudelange
  • 13th September: Visit of the town Maastricht and shopping
  • 10th October: Visit of the European Institutions in Kirchberg explained by Mr. Charles Goerens

Trips and events in 2017

  • 19th January: ALEBA’s New Year Reception
  • 18th May:Visit to the Bitburg Brewery in Bitburg. Lunch at the Restaurant Steinmetz in Bech followed by the ordinary general meeting
  • 13th June: Visit of the European Parliament in Strasbourg
  • June: ALEBA’s General Meeting
  • 21st September: Visit of “Das Schiffshebewerk” in Saint Louis in France
  • 9th November: Visit of the BCEE new headquarters based in the Avenue de la Liberté in Luxembourg and visit of their museum

Trips and events in 2016

September 22nd, Trip on the boat Marie-Astrid over the Moselle, from Grevenmacher to Saarburg (D)

img_0927 img_0931 img_0940 img_0937
Trips and events in 2015

April 23th, 1st visit of the European Parliament

Amicale_Visite Commission Européenne_1

October 20th, 2nd visit of the European Parliament

Amicale_Visite Commission Européenne_2

The members of the Amicale’s committee

  • Guillaume Laugs, Chairman
  • Denise Berens, Vice-Chairman
  • Fernand Fischer, Secretary
  • Théo Weber, Treasurer686bb955241facc023e987301343b929

Members : Gilbert Beffort, Gaby Kimmes, Doris Schaus-Ternig, Robert Wolff, Viviane Zeimetz-Lemmer

Auditors : François Theis, Aly Ugen

Contact persons :

Laugs Guillaume

Fischer Fernand