A week to move differently

The European Mobility Week has been taking place every year since 2012, from September 16th to September 22nd. The aim of the campaign, which was set up by the European Commission, is to raise awareness of sustainable mobility and improve people’s health and quality of life.

It is aimed at municipalities and encourages local authorities to introduce and promote sustainable transport measures. In doing so, it invites citizens to try out alternatives to the car for their mobility.

In Luxembourg, in 2021, its theme is “Beweeg dech a bleif gesond” (move and stay healthy). The chosen theme pays tribute to the hardships suffered by Europe and the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to a press release from the Luxembourgish government, “it also reflects the opportunities for change resulting from this unprecedented health crisis in Europe”.  This year’s European Mobility Week celebrates the resilience of cities and their achievements while seeking to maintain this momentum.

A total of 21 municipalities have been registered, six of which are meeting the criteria for participating in the European awards (Bissen, Colmar-Berg, Esch/Alzette, Feulen, Mamer and Mertzig). The criterias for this competition are a week of animation and information for the inhabitants of the municipality, the inauguration of one or more permanent measures and the closure of one or more main roads in the city, preferably on 22 September.

The national program is available on the website mobiliteitswoch.lu

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