960 candidates running for the 12 March elections

Dear member,

On the eve of the social elections on 12 March, I am proud to announce that no less than 960 ALEBA candidacies have been submitted from 116 companies in the financial sector: 599 candidacies from 57 banks, 136 from 21 insurance companies, and 225 from 38 related companies.

Although this election campaign has seen attempts to undermine ALEBA, with malicious false rumours circulating, ALEBA’s integrity towards its employees being questioned without cause, and political unions criticising the collective agreements they had also signed themselves, the hundreds of candidacies submitted reflect your tremendous enthusiasm and are undeniable proof of ALEBA’s robust position and of the unwavering trust that you and the majority of financial sector employees have put in us for the past 100 years.

My colleagues on the ALEBA Management Committee and I would therefore like to congratulate and thank the 407 women and 553 men who have chosen to fly the flag for ALEBA and commit themselves to defending the rights and interests of all employees at their company.

It goes without saying that they are relying on your support as an ALEBA member. Your membership contribution is important, but it is just as important to show your support for your company’s ALEBA candidates during the social elections.
So make sure you do your bit on 12 March by taking a few minutes to go to the polls to vote for ALEBA.

I would also like to remind you that this is the last week you can vote for the 16 ALEBA candidates for the Luxembourg Chamber of Employees, in Group 4 “Financial Services and Intermediaries”.
Once again, we are counting on your support as an ALEBA member in order to maintain and strengthen ALEBA’s industry representation in Group 4. Your vote is important, and every vote counts!

If you have not yet voted, please take a few minutes to do so and return your ballot paper by post free of charge.

I wish all our candidates the best of luck on 12 March. Be it for ALEBA, the Chamber of Employees or within a financial sector company, we hope your time as staff representative is a successful and rewarding experience.

Laurent MERTZ
General Secretary