26th day of statutory leave: ALEBA disagrees with the ABBL and ACA recommendations

In its press release of 29 March, ALEBA welcomed the decision by the Chamber of Deputies to pass bill no. 7399 enshrining 9 May in the Labour Code as a legal holiday and increasing the statutory leave allowance to 26 days.

ALEBA called on the employers’ associations ABBL and ACA to promptly provide their members with practical guidance on the introduction of these two additional days.

It is unfortunately clear that ABBL and ACA are paying no heed to the decision of the Chamber of Deputies! In their recommendations, the employer’s associations urge their members not to grant the additional day of leave to employees aged over 50, on the grounds that such employees already have a larger number of leave days. This is unacceptable! These recommendations are not only incompatible with the letter and spirit of the law, but also discriminating against older employees. The law increases the statutory leave allowance, and all employees without exception are therefore entitled to benefit from this increase.

These recommendations also distort the spirit of the Collective Labour Agreements and the agreement in principle concluded between the unions and employers’ associations granting additional days of leave to older employees.

ALEBA intends to make ABBL and ACA see reason, and has asked, together with OGBL and LCGB, for this matter to be put on the agenda of the upcoming Joint Commission meetings.


Luxembourg, April, 10th 2019