2020: St. Nicholas and Christmas celebrations with a real sense of solidarity thanks to the Staff Delegations!

This year, COVID has made it difficult to share chocolates and other sweets with our Staff Delegations on the occasion of Saint Nicholas and Christmas, as tradition often requires!

The ALEBA Section of the Quintet Staff Delegation (ex-KBL), led by ALEBA Secretary General Laurent Mertz, has therefore proposed a small gesture of solidarity towards children, especially those facing illness, by offering the Kriibskrank Kanner Foundation (Aid to Children with Cancer IBAN LU17 0028 1408 4840 0000) the budget usually reserved for this festivity for the Staff Delegation. For 30 years, the Kriibskrank Kanner Foundation has been providing daily support to the families of children suffering from cancer or a rare, life-threatening disease.

If all the Staff Delegations of the Financial Sector joined this initiative, we could, in this year 2020, which is indeed so complicated, achieve, all together, for sick children and Kriibskrank Kanner, something magnificent!