2013 Employee Guidebook

Our aim is to provide financial sector workers with a reference guide that sets out clearly and succinctly the fundamental principles governing the employment relationship. Given the complexity and volume of the subject matter, especially as regards employment law and social security, it cannot aim to answer every question that may arise in the specific cases you will encounter over the course of your career. However, it gives a concise breakdown of the themes covering many of the issues that arise most often.

This guidebook provides general information on employment legislation, and the improvements made in favour of employees, in particular through collective employment agreements. This is especially the case for the banking and insurance industries where, under the leadership of ALEBA, the discussions between employers and unions have led to many improvements in conditions, which now set the standard for private sector collective agreements.

Grounded in the trades and expertise of our industry, we put our professionalism to work for the sole benefit of our existing and future members.

Whatever employment questions you may have and whatever you may experience in your workplace, get in touch with ALEBA, either by approaching your company’s ALEBA representatives or by contacting the ALEBA union office.

ALEBA guarantees confidentiality, speed and long-term support.

Marc Glesener – Chairman



Guide Salarié

Guide Salarié

(available in French only/version: December 2013)