ALEBA reassures married non-resident taxpayers

Last week, ALEBA initiated discussions with the Luxembourg tax authorities (Administration des Contributions Directes – ACD) in order to obtain an extension of the deadline of 31 October 2017 to allow married non-resident taxpayers (employees or pensioners) enough time to adequately respond to the ACD’s letter. ALEBA also reminded the ACD that many taxpayers had not yet received the said letter!

After several exchanges, the ACD has finally confirmed to ALEBA that every request will be taken into account, even if submitted after 31 October 2017.

ALEBA welcomes the authorities’ flexibility on this issue, and now invites taxpayers to visit to request the setting of a rate. ALEBA recommends responding to the ACD in every case, failing which tax class 1 will apply by default.

For its part, the ACD has indicated that requests submitted via the website will be given priority treatment, and that a confirmation email will be sent from the website to the taxpayer if the request was properly submitted (conversely, the ACD will not send confirmation of receipt of requests sent by post).

Pressrelease of the 26th October 2017


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